How to Optimize Your Time to Development

How to Optimize Your Time to Development

I have been invited to present at the upcoming DevOpsDays Houston on Optimizing Time to First Deployment. Creating scalable, efficient and effective processes are imperative to the start of a software development project. From the initial decisions around which frameworks to utilize to how to host and roll out a new product, every decision needs to be intentional. This is something that I have experienced first-hand and it’s also the foundation of this workshop.

Standardized, Scalable and Flexible

Many software teams have a standardized process for beginning a project. But oftentimes it is a rigid checklist of steps from concept to writing code. In a lot of shops, the process is well thought out, but then a client asks for a change and you’re left to recreate the entire process from scratch.

You can put a lot of work into the start but I believe there’s a better way to accomplish the initial steps of spinning up a new project and reaching the first milestones. At Umbrage, we’ve developed a process that is standardized and scalable, but also incorporates the flexibility to adapt to external changes.

We’ll be sharing our secret sauce to spinning up a new project. This includes automating the provisioning of compute capacity, establishing code repositories, authorization protocol and provisioning AWS, Azure or a hybrid cloud instance.

We would love for you to join us at the workshop, so be sure to use the code “SponsorDODHTX21” for a discount. Please introduce yourself and say hello!

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