There is a formula to every software success story at Umbrage. Moving seamlessly through our process, we’re poised to create the most valuable products for your organization.

Define & Design

Architecting the perfect solution for your situation.

Develop & Deliver

Define & Design

Architecting the perfect solution for your situation.

Define & Design

Develop & Deliver

Operating in full-agile mode, iterating our way to delivery.

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Project Kickoff

Aligning on the overall vision for your product to identify the top value, features & focus.

  • User Personas
  • Journey Maps
  • Need Statements
Step One

Product Flow

A functional diagram that incorporates the needs of multiple personas while prioritizing key features to create a cohesive user experience.

  • Product Flow Schematic
  • Lower-Level Needs & Feature Log
Step Two

Solution Wireframe

Low-fidelity mockups that frame the paths of the solution, defining the key interactions along the way.

  • Key User Flows
  • Low-Fidelity Mockups
  • Defined Interactions
Step Three

Visual Design

Building on top of the wireframes, we create high-fidelity layouts that incorporate your brand’s color palette, typeface, and iconography.

  • Moodboard & Directions
  • High-Fidelity Designs
  • Product Style Guides
Step Four

Prototype & Testing

Clickable prototypes allow you to see, touch, and feel the product - getting you as close to the final product as possible before development kicks in.

  • Clickable Prototypes
Step Five

Product Guide

An A-Z guide, detailing everything a development team needs to build your product, including 6 weeks of backlog.

  • Prioritized User Stories
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Development Estimates (Story Points)
Step Six
Develop & Deliver

Delivering Your Initial Product Release.

Operating in full-agile mode, iterating our way to delivery

Development Process
Backlog Grooming
Backlog Grooming

Continually-updated backlog that prioritizes & organizes features for delivery.

Sprint Planning
Sprint Planning

Aligning on product backlog items we begin each sprint.

Product Increments
Product Increments

Comprehensive record of completed backlog items for each sprint.

Sprint Review
Sprint Review

A demonstration of the product’s progress at the conclusion of each sprint.

Sprint Retrospectives
Sprint Retrospectives

An opportunity to assess the latest sprint’s performance to optimize moving forward.


Scaling Your Product Development.

You want your team focused on the work of delivering great digital products. The mechanics of scale, fluctuating demand, and onboarding should just work for them. We have developed an operational approach that allows for product development to thrive through growth and market realities.

  • Unlock Developer Velocity
  • Improve Scalability & Reliability
  • Infrastructure Control & Repeatability
  • Prioritize Feature Roadmap
  • Integrate User Feedback
  • Improve Security
Teaching By Example


The solution we build together is designed to outlive your time with Umbrage. By openly collaborating and sharing our processes and methodologies, we provide your teams valuable opportunities to learn as we go.


Total Transparency

In an atmosphere of learning, we’ll move through the process in a way that trains your team and invites your questions.

Product Minded

Product-Minded Thinking

Witnessing the magic, it’s our desire that your team develop the kind of product-minded thinking they’ll need for product development.

Best Practices

Open-Source Best Practices

We didn’t write the book on software development, but we do have our own spin on it. We’re excited to share our formula with you.

Umbrage has been a great partner to rapidly scale our product features in an agile fashion.

Larry Hack,