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BettorVision iOS app

Creating an optimized experience through sports betting & fantasy sports aggregation.

The hype for sports entertainment in our culture has always been high, and that interest just reached new levels with sports wagering. A growing population of the country is legally betting on sports as more states legitimize the practice.

Data shows that in 2021, Americans wagered more than $50 billion on sports. That record will likely be broken in 2022 with a new wave of states passing a legal sports betting bill. For Super Bowl 2022, about 30 million Americans spent $8 billion on sports wagers, according to Vox.

Bettor Vision, a data aggregator serving a variety of fantasy players and sports bettors, wanted to quickly bring its platform to life in this fast-growing market.

BettorVision app screens
Product Management

Working in Direct Collaboration

As Bettor Vision’s software partner, we directly embedded an internal team to overhaul their product strategy and experience design. This unlocks their potential for revenue opportunities while providing elevated value to users through customization, profitability and engagement.


Elevating Utility and the Sports Experience

For our visual approach, we wanted to recreate the familiarity of the sports arena with a look that was minimalistic but bold and flexible enough to house various sports brandings. We made sure the designs primed the app for functionality and connectivity to the games and each other.


Solutioning for Technical Scalability

Through quick absorption of the client’s needs, we were able to provide our technical knowledge to put together a complete tech stack and hosting plan. We integrated custom analytics and multiple third-party data APIs to deliver a completely optimized, native iOS application that unified everything into one system.

The One Stop Source for Smart Sports Bettors.

Bettor Vision needed to build and introduce product features that its users could use to smartly bet and manage their portfolio. Specifically, Better Vision aims to bring value to users by unifying all of their accounts into a single view. They are empowering the users with comparison insights to find the best available odds and engaging connections with friends and family that liven the overall experience.

BettorVision app screens
Our Approach

Immersion & Interfusion

Interviewed a split group of national heavy bettors and fantasy users to get a sense of their culture, connectivity needs and understand the application’s prioritized features.


Tech & Functionality

Bettor Vision users required actionable insights in a single view, so it was crucial that we build an infrastructure that supports user decisions on a play-by-play basis with real-time sports data.


One Team Mentality

Our team closely collaborated with the client team to spearhead the experience on product strategy, project management, design, development and DevOps.

Umbrage has been a phenomenal partner for Bettor Vision. Their subject matter expertise and collaborative, agile processes have helped us conceptualize, design, build, and launch an app focused on a great customer experience. And as icing on the cake, we really enjoyed working with them!

Brett Lanier, CEOBettor Vision



Launched application to Apple App Store


Integrated platform that serves as users only other screen on game day


Customized dashboard for the ultimate experience helping users stay in the moment

We go beyond best practices to innovate and build best-in-class digital products for our clients. What we conceive and create are experiences that are at the intersection of utility and creativity to bring forth the best possible, scalable solutions. Bettor Vision was able to launch their vision to the App Store with the support of our embedded team — working in tandem from concept to fulfillment.

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